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A personal injury lawyer in Columbus, Ohio can help you with many types of cases, from accident cases to dog bites to slip and fall cases. According to the Columbus dispatch, 982 people in Columbus and Worthington reported dog bites in 2011. That number is down from 1,064 reported dog bites in 2010. When you need to choose a personal injury attorney, you also have the stress of dealing with your injury or a loved one's injury or death from an accident. This could cloud some people's judgment. There are certain things to watch out for when choosing a personal injury attorney.

Experience: Depending on the type of case you have, experience could play a large part in whether you win or lose your Columbus Ohio personal injury case. Complicated cases such as accidents involving insurance companies, dog bites, medical malpractice, slip and fall cases and wrongful death cases need an experienced team of personal injury attorneys.

Prior to setting up a consultation or during the consultation, check into the firm's experience in dealing with a case like yours. If you cannot find the information online, ask the attorney how many cases the firm has settled and how many went to trial. The attorney you choose should have experience in both arenas.

Reputation: Reputation goes along with experience. Chances are, and attorney who has settled or won several cases at trial has a good reputation. If not, the firm would most likely not have so many cases under its belt.

The attorney you choose should have a professional demeanor. An attorney who acts professionally is most likely highly respected by his or her peers and by the court.

Cost:  Ask the attorney up front how much your case will cost. Often, personal injury attorneys will only take your case if they think you have a good case. The firm will work on your case in exchange for a percentage of the amount you win at settlement or in trial. You may or may not have to provide up-front costs for filing fees, postage and other costs not normally included in the "services" portion of your bill.

Staffing:  Make sure the Columbus, Ohio injury lawyers have enough staff to work on your case, especially if you have a large case. The personal injury lawyer should have at least one paralegal or legal secretary for each attorney. If attorneys share a paralegal or legal assistant, that is fine, as long as the office seems to run smoothly and people are not running around looking like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to catch up.

Set aside some time to find a good personal injury lawyer. It is important to how your case is handled and to the outcome of your case. Do as soon after the accident as possible. If you are in the hospital, are home bound, or find it difficult to get out, ask the attorney if he or she will come to you. Many personal injury attorneys will agree to meet with you for an initial consultation in your hospital room or at home.

The sooner the attorney can start working on your case, the better, especially if there are several insurance companies involved in the case. In a car accident, the players in a case could include an attorney for the other party's insurance company, an attorney for the other person, your attorney and your insurance company's attorney. If more than three people were involved -- for example, a truck driver, his company and you -- there may be another set of two attorneys involved.  Contact the legal team at Malek and Malek for a free consultation regarding your personal injury claim.

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